About Dunnett’s Ski Rentals

The Green Mountains region of Vermont is a must destination for travelers, casual tourists and outdoor adventurers and has been for many years. One of the factors that has made this area so popular is the availability of recreational options all year.

Dunnett Ski Rentals in Ludlow, Vermont has become an important part of the sales/service sector for all of this outdoor activity. Located at 7 West Hill Road, Dunnett Ski Rentals is known for being a bit smaller and more personal than some of the larger merchants, but the service is consistent with the tradition of quality among ski and outdoor equipment businesses.

Some reviewers consider Dunnett’s store to be among the highly recommended shops of the Ludlow area, literally offering rental service and maintenance for the entire gamut of skiing. Known for their personal service and wide-ranging local knowledge, Dunnett and the staff work with dozens of satisfied customers each year, in a low-pressure environment that will not send people out of the shop with items they don’t need.

Dunnett Ski Rentals is among the quality merchants serving outdoor enthusiasts in the popular Okemo Ski Area of Vermont since the mid-1950s. Expansion and development of this area continued through the 1960s, with additional chair lift systems installed to accommodate the growing clientele. Dunnett Ski Rentals is part of the tradition and history of the ski area that gained additional development momentum in the early 1980s.

More information about Dunnett Ski Rentals and its wide range of services is available by calling (802) 228-7547.

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